Food & Beverages | Qatar


Zanjabeel is a chain of food outlets that began its journey in Qatar by a bunch of food enthusiasts. From serving the unique Karak tea to the opening up of a number of exclusive cafes, Zanjabeel has the story of good food and good vibes to tell. Zanjabeel has branched out to six outlets in Qatar and Oman and is already on its way into other parts of Middle-east, Asia and Europe. It’s hard to say no to good food. With that idea in mind, Zanjabeel has baked up its own originality through flavours and recipes that has people all over Qatar coming back for more. The burgers and fries are exclusive and is quite the talk of the town. And they offer delicious unique tastes in every one of their dishes, be it the fries or even the drinks.


Zanjabeel came to Whyletz for a brand structuring and rebranding without loosing its essence and its customers, as the part of the global expansion.

We did a cosmetic touch up in the brand identity and explored more on the brand guidelines, standardisation of the packaging and communications, and revamping the digital assets.


New packing and delivery refreshed the brand and the new website and app made customers more closer through better digital experience. Zanjabeel is a story of good food, and good vibes shared.