Travel & Tourism | Turkey


The Road Tales is a travel agency based in Turkiye. They take the travelers to explore the hidden gems of the ancient and historic country Turkey with all its essence. They specialize in crafting personalized itineraries, ensuring your dream vacation becomes a reality. The rebranding reflects this uniqueness and value, aiming to inspire everyone to explore the wonders of the world.


The Road Tales partnered with Whyletz to create a new brand identity and website to reconnect with their audience. Balancing innovation with authenticity was a delicate task, ensuring that the essence of The Road Tales remained intact throughout the rebranding process.


The visual identity resonates with The Road Tales’ mission. The new visual identity features a hot air balloon symbol, highlighting Turkey’s main attraction and effectively communicating the agency’s focus as a travel agency. The refreshed website inspires exploration of hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike, all with a focus on creating unforgettable travel experiences.


  • Brand Identity Redesign
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Development
  • Website Content Creation
  • Marketing Material Design
  • Brand Collaterals Design
  • Digital Marketing