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Nestled in the heart of Coorg, 3Farm is the brainchild of two sisters with a passion for pure health and wellness. Starting small, they cultivated fresh fruits and veggies for themselves, but their love for organic farming soon blossomed into something greater. Inspired by the wisdom of their ancestors, they turned to turmeric—a natural beauty and health booster—to enrich their products and promote holistic well-being. Developing a brand 3Farm – the pure essence of nature is reached to people who love organic life. The earthy branding, packaging designs and communications, ensured every product embodies the values of authenticity and sustainability that define the brand.


Following the traditions, they grew turmeric using only natural methods and fertilizers. Every root they cultivate is from Coorg’s clean air and soil, making it pure and potent. More than just organic farming; they believe in harmony with nature. Their commitment to sustainability and purity should be reflected in every product they create.


The packaging of each product is minimalistic, which allows the quality of the ingredients to speak for themselves. The smiple brand identity is a captures 3Farm’s deep-rooted connection to the land. Each element, from the typography to the imagery, is carefully curated to convey a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness. The brand voice is warm and earthy, reflecting their genuine passion for wellness and inspiring all who seek a healthier, more sustainable way of life.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • E-commerce Development
  • Marketing Design