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Health. Hope. Happiness.

The Whole New Healthcare Spirit!

Meitra Hospital is an outstanding tertiary healthcare facility providing unparalleled clinical care and patient experience in the beautiful city of Calicut. Right from its inception, Meitra was envisioned to be a healthcare centre of international standards. The infrastructure, medical facilities, and clinical services were benchmarked against the world’s best hospitals. After 2 years of its inception, Meitra wanted to have a brand essence and identity that expresses its vision at best.

Meitra Bill board


Health. Hope. Happiness. Everything we conceive and Meitra wanted to express is in it. It’s wide enough to talk about healthcare and strong enough to create the experience. The three stripes of the brand identity symbolize Health. Hope & Happiness. It resonates with the patient and the doctor. The helping hand to ‘get you back to the life you want to live’. The result was an amazing healthcare brand sharing an experience.