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With 2018 kicking in, do you know how well your brand is performing? Here is a quick 10-min test that might just help you to know if your branding and strategic decisions are taking you in the right direction, present status of your brand health, and thus helps you in analyzing your brand, so you know the next measures you should be taking. This quick test for your brand is surely not scientific, but it will surely give you a hint as to where you might want to focus on your brand, and might consider taking a deeper research. So here is the test. Below mentioned are certain points, on a scale of 1-10, assign each of the statements a score (10 being the best). This will be the assessment of your company’s health and performance. At the end of the questions, just add up the score where 100 will be the best score possible. That easy!


1. The organisation’s mission / vision and purpose are elaborately defined and quiet inspiring

2. The brand positioning and strategy are very clearly made and easily differentiable

3. The leadership team and the management at the organization tell the same unified story about the brand

4. The employees also clearly understand the brand story and convey the same



5. The tone of communication by the brand is well defined and its guidelines are in place

6. The organization is using state of the art graphic trends with established rules

7. The company’s brand architecture is clear, and in return guides product branding decisions



8. The organisation’s message to its existing consumers is crisp, clear and to the point

9. The company’s social media efforts and online experience resonate with the brand communication norms, and follow the brand story and architecture

10. The external market branding is also in sync with the brand


So how did your brand fare? Were you able to decipher the areas of improvement that your brand is looking at? Were you able to rate your organization against each of the statement mentioned? If you think your brand might be facing a problem, then this is the time to take the corrective measures.

Bottom line – Keep close tabs on your brand’s performance. How would you ever know your brand is performing well, if you don’t measure its effectiveness!


From all of us at Whyletz, we wish you a healthy, happy and hearty 2018!

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Donna Reji
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