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Branding trends are getting swiped off day by day because of some cut-throat competitive ideas in the market. Rebranding has become a bend in the mainstream and brands are running vaguely behind this trend to create or recreate (technically), a fresh appeal to their brand. Though the trend is in the hype, there is a higher risk when it comes to the application level. The target is to collect a set of new customers without losing the existing one. Now that need hell a lot of work else the worse the up! Here you can find four diverse rebranding stories that went out right will every element.


The coffee giant Starbucks rebranded themselves in 2011. The dropped their wordmarks and created a new variation to their siren logo. Until then, Starbucks was only focusing on diversified coffee items, but with the rebrand, they have also dabbled in ice creams and alcohols. And with the change, the company became more recognizable than before.


In 2014, Airbnb made a rebrand with a fresh identity and a fresh color palette. The logo had a drastic change with all the new typography and fresh brand mark. The logo illustrations made recognition in social media because of its illustration but with negative publicity. The criticism made the brand famous, but with time, Airbnb made the customer realize the effectiveness of the rebrand.



Instagram was rebranded in the year 2016. The rebrand-response was so average. The majority didn’t come up with the change, but the identity was done with a fresh, flat and gradient-oriented. With the rebranding, they have also added features such as Layout, Hyper-lapse, and Boomerang. With this rebrand, Instagram became an integrated platform reverting to a better mobile experience.

Mc Donalds

Mc Donalds had that significant influence even before rebranding to its new identity. But with the rebranding, McD got globalized and became a symbol of Westernization rather than being a simple American food chain. The rebranding felt a bit same as Starbucks, but even then, McD made 40% extra revenue with the rebranding. Concepts like happy meals and health conscious products made recognition with the rebrand.

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