“How many engineers does Microsoft have?” Page asked. Page was told Microsoft had about 25,000 engineers. “We should have a million,” Page said.
They never think small!

That kind of restless ambition was on display as Larry Page and co-founder Sergey Brin announced a massive reorganization of Google. When the process is complete, Google will become a subsidiary of a new company called Alphabet, which will be a holding company for a variety of ambitious ventures undertaken by Brin and Page. Larry Page is stepping down as CEO in favor of a relative unknown, Sundar Pichai.


sGoogle’s new CEO is Sundar Pichai, who has been at the company since 2004. Last year, a management shakeup made him Larry Page’s top deputy. Pichai has managed a number of Google products over the past decade. He was an early leader of Google Chrome, which was launched in 2008 and has become the world’s most popular web browser.
Page will be the CEO of Alphabet, and Brin will be its president. Page hopes the reorganization will allow him and Brin to focus on the big picture. But their announcement isn’t very clear about what exactly that means.



Full details of Alphabet‘s structure haven’t been released yet, but Page did mention several ventures that will be pulled out of Google and may become independent ventures under the Alphabet umbrella:

  • Google’s life sciences research into things like glucose-sensing contact lenses
  • Calico, Google’s human longevity project
  • Google’s X Lab, which Page says “incubates new efforts like Wing, our drone delivery effort”
  • Google’s investment arms, Ventures and Capital



Source : VOX Technology

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