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Right now the world is entirely about dynamism. The thing you see trendy right this moment may not be the highlight the very next day. This liveliness is sometimes a boon, but it is tough to catch up with the flow of vigorous changes. Now reaching out to the new younger Gen Z era, being “Cool” is what matters! These Gen Z people are more into brands, flash sales, trends, and are more conscious of self than that of the previous generations. And this is what that keeps them adhere with dynamism or the ‘Cool Factor.’
After millennials, Gen Z made their evolution. Now the pretty part is that they are outnumbered. For a country like India, with the second largest population, the count of Gen Z is outnumbered. Besides, if we count the Gen Z population alone, China is far behind India. And this says that by the year 2020, India will be the country with the maximum number of Gen Z population. Now at this moment, if you think like “oh they are just kids, what do they know about living,” you are ultimately wrong. These people are going to determine what is best in the Country, locally and globally. Sales, Markets, Brands, Food interests… everything, literally everything is changing according to these people. Since the number of these people are pretty huge, investing in their interest could deal with some money yeah! Now talking about dynamism, since gen Z prefer things to be trendy and top, the country itself is focusing on new trends so that they can adapt it. Since Gen Z is more self-centered, they exactly know what they want and when they want it. Now, this is challenging to the brands around the globe to act spontaneously as the younger generation in town. But if you are planning to be over smart and thinking that you can easily fool the younger generation, you are one dumb guy. These gen Z people are self-aware too. They don’t believe in gimmicks; they are logical.
Being in such a world is a bit difficult. But there is a loophole. There is a pattern to these instinctively changing habits of the youngsters. If the brands can tackle it out, they are indeed safe. Talking about such brands, now we can discuss the top brands. They are not just Top brands; they are Gen Z top brands! Distinctively spontaneous and dynamic ones, I repeat, impulsively diverse and trendsetting! (What? Its Gen Z guys, the ones before “I repeat” is no more trending after it!) Roger that!



Double taps are more interesting than the Like button! Gen Z dumped Facebook for Instagram. Facebook was so far a millennial thing right now. While foreign countries Gen Z dropped Facebook for Snapchat, Indian Gen Z chose Instagram instead. Instagram itself acts as a Gen Z influencer, and this adds high market values.  (Tip: If you are planning to influence Indian Gen Z, then roll on to Instagram and try something appealing!)



If you are asking what Dynamism is, the one-word answer could be ‘Nike.’ Nike is so so Gen Z! Nike is an adapting brand, and it knows the pulse of Gen Z. The campaigns, new launches, and ads are created in such a way that it shows what exactly a Gen Z needs. It’s a bit confusing to decide whether it is Nike driving the Gen Z or the vice versa! The ‘so cool’ personality of Nike along with its influence and momentum is what that drives the new kids crazy. Nike’s authenticity and diversity play a key role in that.



Netflix was blooming some time ago, but all of a sudden, it became a new trend. Or it can be said as the other version of being ‘cooler’! If you have a Netflix account, you are literally considered as the coolest person ever, like they say ‘Netflix & Chill’! The reason for this is primarily the original content presented by Netflix. Netflix is following the pattern for Gen Z, and they know what Gen Z wants to watch. Netflix is keeping updated with Gen Z entertainment shows, and this is so appealing to them.



Millennials we like ‘okay’ to online shopping but Gen Z, they are going gaga over online shopping. And Amazon has no competition in that. With the evolution of Prime products and Amazon Pay, Gen Z is finding their interests in Amazon. And Amazon, with their vast campaigns, are reaching out to Gen Z. Amazon is keenly observing Gen Z trends, and technically, they lure Gen Z by setting flash sales, lightning deals and Offer days.



Fastrack is yet another style statement, and for Indian Gen Z, Fastrack is so in the trend. When it comes watches, Bags, and Sunshades, Gen Z ultimately depends on Fastrack whereas for Millennials it was always Titan.  The diversity and bias in stuff made recognition, and this created an impact in Gen Z shopping experience with Fastrack.



Uber is so cool for Gen Z. Millennials actually inherited their liking for Uber to the Gen Z. Gen Z people consider that it is cooler to travel in Uber than to own a two-wheeler. Also, there is a significant increase in Gen Z people choosing Uber over rickshaws and Transportation buses. The brand is more consistent in case of Uber and yet dynamic with a wide range of choices. Now this attracts the youngsters to trust in Uber than the other transportation mediums.


When we are talking about Indian Gen Z brands, Jio cannot be skipped. Within a lesser span, Jio made a huge number of customers, and it is not a wonder if I say, most of them are Gen Z. As the Godfather said, “I am gonna a make him an offer he can’t refuse,” Jio made Gen Z an offer they could never refuse. It became a market storm and seriously a game changer for all the other corresponding brands. And surveys say that one in every five teens has Jio connection. I kind of wonder what that other four are using!!

For millennials, it was Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie. But for Gen Z, you can’t predict. Brands are evolving, restructuring and pacing up, along with the trends. Now when millennials preferred preppy brands, Gen Z is all into cooler kinds of stuff. Now if I say that the globe is turning along with trends of Gen Z, would you dare to deny?