Asia Pacific Branding Network (APBN) organized Asia Branding Workshop 2019 in the world’s previous largest skyscraper Taipei 101, hosted by Redpeak, the leading branding agency in Taiwan. The workshop shared knowledge on different topics and gave insights about the growing branding market in Asia.

Appier, one of the leaders in AI technology, shared insights about how AI is driving the world and how the future can benefit from it. Speakers from Metabranding Korea, Hakuhudo Consulting Singapore, Redpeak Taiwan shared insights on building an authentic brand and 21st-century challenges in branding.

Representing India, Whyletz CEO Ahmad Vaseem talked about the impact of social branding and brands who achieved success. He covered the story of ‘Chekkutty’, the symbol of Kerala floods that affected the state badly, and this social initiative gave new life to the Chendamangalam handloom. Also, he covered various social initiatives that created an impact around the world.