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One of India’s leading newspaper brand approached us to create a promotional campaign for it’s weekly to promote the new QR code feature in the magazine.


Manorama Weekly was a leading magazine for young adults for years since its inception. With the new technological advantages, the readership went down and people’s entertainment got replaced with social media and videos. With integrated QR code in novels and poems, now the readers can listen to their favourite stories. This is a time saving also trendy concept that has to be promoted among the new and old audience. We created a print & outdoor launch campaign with a QR code that leads to a landing page with the campaign creatives, and a lucky draw among those who entered it. Also, we created 3 TVCs with different target audience linking to their life situations. Print campaign also runs along with it.


The campaign got hit with its concept even trollers started featuring the scenes of the ad. The new QR code concept got promoted, and people got aware of it.