The first Asia Branding Conference discussed the potential future consumer market in Asia and trends they follow in different Asian countries. Asia has an increasing population of youth, and they are the trendsetters of brands. Branding industry should give attention to this crucial consumer base and set the trends accordingly. The conference was at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, organized by the Asia Pacific Branding Network (APBN). APBN is a consortium of 16 leading branding agencies from 11 Asian countries.

The conference happened on 8th November 2018. Host country partner Metabranding CEO Eunha Kim started the event with his opening remarks. Kwangchul Shin from Lotte Future & Strategy Institute presented the case study about ‘Global Power Shift: Asia Returns.’

Wonsook Cha from Macromill Embrain talked about Patterns of Asian Millennials. Daewoo Kim presented the case study of Playce Camp Jeju, how the location became a favourite place for Korean millennials. Sonny Ikeda talked about Japanese millennials, representing Hakuhudo Consulting, Japan. Wang Si Han from Xianzhi talked about Chinese millennial brands.

Representing India, Whyletz CEO Ahmad Vaseem talked about Indian Millennial brands and how they influence them. Silviya Yu from RedPeak Asia Taiwan presented the story of their millennials. About Australian branding trends, Michael Huges from Truly Deeply presented their story. Kyoung a Ko presented a Metabranding case study of a millennial product branding.