Take the bird with you!

The word has been in use since last several years and you’re still wondering what happens there? You already signed up once, went through the whole website couple of times and wondered “what on Earth is this place”, or as Twitter itself says, “WHAT’S HAPPENING?”, and right away quit ‘cz you got bored?
Chill, ‘cz Twitter is actually one place where you can show off, waste your time doing things that matter and don’t matter and still don’t get bored!

• Explore the Twitter World. Tweet. Tweet often. Tweet whenever you can. Tweet all the time, but DO NOT flood your followers’ timeline with your tweets! Don’t focus only on yourself. Eventually, you’ll learn the Twitter-terminologies – RT, TT, FF, Fav (etc. etc.)

• Fav/ RT topics that interest you. That’s one way to reach more people (the owners of those tweets, ofcourse!)

• Used a brand or some services and totally loved it? Open up to the world about it. Tweet short, sweet testimonials for them. Don’t forget to mention/ tag their official accounts!

• Interact. Explore. Engage with your followers. Reply to all who reach you, start a conversation with people/topic you are interested in.

• Follow international and local trends. This actually helps you keep updated with the things happening around the world. Also, tweet anything and everything that comes to your mind regarding that trending topics you’re interested in.

• Make good use of hashtags, be it for personal or official use. Hashtags are here to stay.

• Found something interesting on the web. Share those links (use URL shorteners such as ow.ly or bit.ly) with your short comments.

• Ask questions. Like, real questions. Seek help from ‘experts’ in Twitter. Questions you have no idea what the real answer is!

• Tweet real/ interesting photos. Attention-grabbing images in your tweets receive 89% more favourites & 150% more retweets.

A grand MARK by Whyletz

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser


Seeing a mere social media post or a small piece of ad in local newspapers can sometimes make a huge difference! When one of our team members came across this post and WhatsApped us the same, we all right away agreed to enter the contest – because of the sole cause the concept focused on. The team started researching on the topic and got deep into it to come up with a mark that had to connect with the audience at their first glance. The names in the judging panel – Prakash Varma, Anjali Menon and Ambika Pillai gave our designers an even more inspiration to come up with the best!

The voice every Malayali loves – Mohanlal – narrated the story behind GrandMark, or lovingly called, “Ammumma Mark” – a story that touched each one of us emotionally. Our lead designers – Ahsan Naseef, Jithin Jose and Waseem Ahammed put their hearts and souls into creating a simple yet strong mark for the products which were created by the gentle hands of the elders that were to be available in the market – a mark so special that it creates an emotional attachment in the hearts of people who understand what lies beneath.

IMG_20150708_171329  Untitled-2


Our designers sketched a GrandMark and each and of them were developed into a beautiful story to connect with the audience. The logo options, the story and mock-ups for the logo were made into a beautiful presentation and were mailed. It must be said that we submitted our entries for the GrandMark contest and almost forgot about the result of the contest until our Boss, Ahmad Vaseem, got call from Lakshmi Menon, the heart and brain behind GrandMark, herself rang up our Boss and cracked the GOOD news – the ‘GrandMark’ designed by our illustrator Jithin Jose was unanimously loved by the 3 judges!


2 (1) copyThe prize distribution event, which was also the 90th birthday celebration of the founders’ grandmother, was attended by the team. Our Boss presented the logo story – framed, and the identity guideline to the founder and everyone appreciated our efforts and designs.

Good Karma Foundation, incorporated in 2008, by California based business entrepreneur, Vasudev Narayanan and his family, is a foundation that provides assistance in education, health care and advancement of the underprivileged in Kerala and San Francisco. The foundation have been stumbling upon beautiful work created by some their senior citizens. The reason to create a ‘GrandMark’ was to help identify a range of products crafted by grandparents to be available in the market.